Specialty Shaped Shutter with an Eyebrow Sunburst + More!

There’s no such thing as an impossible window!

Sometimes people are faced with a window in their home that they have no idea how to cover! For those windows, we always offer specialty shaped shutters to fit even the most unusual shapes. This home featured a double window with an arched sunburst in the center of the two windows. The homeowner wanted to keep the view as open as possible, so we designed the lower portion with two large single panels, and an eyebrow shaped sunburst hinged along the top center portion of the shutter, with a continuous frame all the way around the shutter. The bathroom features a Norman Woodbury Poly Composite Shutter with Stainless Steel hinges to ensure that the shutter will always be able to withstand the moisture it will encounter above a bathtub.

Product(s) Used

Norman Normandy Shutters on the Specialty Shaped Shutter

Norman Woodbury Shutters in the Bathroom

Color(s) Used

Pure White

Frame Choice

2″ Camber Deco Frame

Louver Size

3 1/2″ Louvers

Tilt System

Standard Tilt (No Divider Rails)