A touch of class in Celebration!

We’re no strangers to installing Plantation Shutters in Celebration, but this home was something just a little bit extra special. The decor was absolutely beautiful, and the reading room in the Master Bedroom is the stuff we dream about, a wall full of big beautiful windows! The priority of this area was to be able to control the light entirely, and the pure white shutters that we installed do exactly that! The color helps to reflect light into the room when desired, and having divider rails separating the top louvers from the bottom allows for more ways to control light and privacy in the room. I’m not going to lie, the home was already gorgeous before we walked in, but I think the Plantation Shutters that we installed just added a little something extra!

Product(s) Used

White Window Shutters – Norman Woodlore Shutters

Color(s) Used

Pure White

Frame Choice

3″ Crown Z-Frame

Louver Size

3 1/2″ Louvers

Tilt System

Standard Tilt