Plantation Shutters in a home with Pre-Existing Frames

By now you have probably looked through our projects and seen that we use some beautiful frames around our plantation shutters, but what if your home already has framing? What’s more, what if your windows are already framed, and also out of square? You might think that having Plantation Shutters would be completely impossible. Not so! You may find that some companies shy away from jobs like these, but not us! We love a challenge, and this gorgeous Polk City home was definitely a challenge! The big beautiful windows already had beautiful 3″ casing around them, so matching the color perfectly, and finding a way to work with the existing framing was key. After color matching the paint, we found that the Silk White was the perfect match, and we went with a very minimal 1 1/4″ Beaded Z-Frame to fit just inside the existing framing giving the look that it was simply part of the existing framing. The end results were absolutely perfect!

Product(s) Used

Norman Woodlore Shutters

Color(s) Used

Silk White

Frame Choice

1 1/4″ Beaded Z Frame

Louver Size

3 1/2″ Louvers

Tilt System

Standard Tilt with Divider Rails