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Here at US Verticals, we feel so passionately about Plantation Shutters that we created this site specifically to show off our work, and show you why we think you should consider us for your next Plantation Shutter Project, whether you are looking to cover one window, or every window in your house!

We Love Shutters!

US Verticals has been serving the Orlando area with quality Window Treatments since 1988, but we only recently decided to create a totally separate website just to focus on telling you how awesome our Plantation Shutters are! We have spent the last 10+ years learning everything we can about all the different Shutter Manufacturers that are out there! Seriously, the number of seminars we have attended would astound you!

Free Temp Shades

Worried about leaving your windows open while you wait for new shutters to come in? You won’t have to worry about that with us. We will happily provide FREE Temporary Shades with any Plantation Shutter purchase you make! When you schedule your free consultation, just let us know that you will be needing Temporary Shades, and we can usually put them up or leave them with you (if you haven’t closed on your home yet) on the day of the consultation!

Honesty First

Here at, we wanted to create a site that can be used as a resource for anybody looking for open honest information about all the different types of Plantation Shutters out there! For that reason, we publish all of our pricing on all of the shutters we offer, so that you can make an informed buying decision, and never suffer any kind of “Sticker Shock”. We will never use Bait and Switch tactics either!


We don’t like to brag. Okay, maybe we do just a little! We’d love to tell you all about our A+ Rating and Accreditation with the BBB, or perhaps you’d like to hear about the Best of Houzz Award that we won in both 2015 and 2016, but we’d rather talk about the fact that this year we won the 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award, because the Super Service Award is only given to the top 5% of companies in Central Florida.

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Choosing a Plantation Shutter Company in Orlando?

Make an informed decision

By now, if you have spent any time shopping for Plantation Shutters, you have probably noticed something really interesting. Every Shutter Company is selling the “BEST SHUTTER IN THE WORLD”! They all sell different shutters though… How does that work? Allow us to explain…


Some companies genuinely believe their product is the best, simply because they haven’t sold anything else, or they just haven’t been around long enough to know what is out there. Some companies know their shutter isn’t the best, but know how to convince you that it is (We hate those guys!) And some shutter companies just want to sell what is cheap, but want to convince you that their product is still the best shutter in the world, even though it’s $5/Sq Ft less than some of the other quality name brand shutters out there! Sorry, but if it was really that good, they’d charge more for it, right?


This is where it helps to have options! We don’t push one specific Shutter Brand. We offer Shutters from Manufacturers that we have found to be the best at what they do! We also offer a variety so that you can pick the shutter that best fits your budget. That doesn’t mean that our cheapest option is a bad one. We don’t offer any shutters that we aren’t proud to put our name on! In fact, if you are looking for White Plantation Shutters in any room other than a bathroom, we are probably going to recommend our cheapest shutter as the best option for you (It’s that good!) Does this mean there are cheaper shutters out there? Absolutely! There are definitely cheaper shutters out there, we just refuse to sell them because they don’t meet our quality standards.

Our Most Recent Awards

A+ Rated Company
2015 Super Service Winner
2016 Award for Customer Service

Real Wood Shutters vs. Faux Wood (Composite) Shutters

One of the oldest arguments in our industry is the argument of Real Wood vs. Faux Wood.

Which is better?

Ready for the politician’s answer? Well, here goes! It all depends on what you are looking for in a shutter. Let’s quickly go through some of the pros and cons of both, and if you still haven’t decided you can take a look at the article that we have written on the issue!

Real Wood Pros

  • Classic Timeless Look and Appearance of Plantation Shutters
  • The ability to choose ANY color you can imagine
  • Rich Beautiful Stains Available
  • Extra Wide Panels
  • Can be made into ANY Specialty Shape
  • Real wood typically weighs less than most synthetics, allowing for less wear and tear on the hinges.
  • The ability to be refinished if necessary
  • Florida Shutter Experts only sells Wood Shutters that come with a Lifetime Warranty

Real Wood Cons

  • Real Wood should not be used in wet environments, such as showers
  • Real wood should not be used in poorly ventilated bathrooms, because wood naturally expands and contracts in hot or humid environments.

Faux Wood Pros

  • Synthetics such as Poly or MDF Shutters have a consistent smooth finish over the whole shutter.
  • Advanced finishing techniques used by some manufacturers have created a finish that is virtually indiscernible from real wood.
  • Poly Composites can be used in any wet environment without any worry of damage.
  • Faux Wood Shutters can typically provide you with the look that you are going for, at a lower cost of real wood.
  • All of the Faux Wood Shutters we sell come with a Lifetime Warranty

Faux Wood Cons

  • Limited Color Choices
  • Limited Specialty Shapes (Don’t worry, we can match your Faux Wood Shutters and a Real Wood Specialty Shutter)
  • Many Faux Wood Shutters are heavier than real wood, causing the need for consideration when using bi-fold shutters.

About Us

US Verticals has been serving Central Florida with quality Blinds and Window Treatments since 1988. In those 29 Years, we have learned A LOT, especially when it comes to Plantation Shutters. We have spent the last 13 of those years focused on learning everything that we can about all of the major shutter manufacturers, and the different products that they offer. We have installed a massive variety of Plantation Shutters brands over the years, and feel that has been key to developing our Plantation Shutter expertise.

With the knowledge we’ve picked up along the way, along with the awesome team of people that we have assembled, we’re pretty confident that we can offer one of the best shutter buying experiences in Florida. We’ve also realized over the years from talking to people, that nobody likes a hard sales pitch! That’s why we present you with the best options for your windows, show you all of the unique features that each shutter brand has, and give you the best price that we can UP FRONT. You’ll never have to haggle over the price with us! We give the exact same great price to you that we would give to your next door neighbor.

  • Designed and Installed by Craftsmen

    Our Design and Installation Team has been expertly assembled to provide you with the best Shutter buying experience.

  • We Love The Products We Sell

    We refuse to sell any products that don’t meet our high standards for beauty and durability.

  • Infinite Design Options

    With all of the options available when designing your shutters, it is possible to create a look that is truly yours and yours alone!

  • Shop At Home

    The Shutter Experts at US Verticals will come to your home and give you a free shutter design consultation right there on your kitchen table (or couch, if you’d prefer). We also have a showroom in Kissimmee, if you’d prefer to shop that way!

  • Award-Winning Customer Service

    Did we mention our 2015 Best of Houzz Award for Customer Service? How about our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau? We’re kinda proud of those things around here!

What others say about us

Susan S

They were definitely professional, on time and ready to work. They gave great feedback on what would look right. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and I’m glad I did go with the advice they gave me, otherwise my shutters would not have looked as it does. I am actually having them install side panels on my widows later.

Susan SSt. Cloud, FL
Albert G.

After lots of call to other companies, US Verticals was the least expensive with a much better product. The Shutters are amazing and the bedrooms shades are much more than what we expected. Everything was installed as initially promised. The warranty offered is really good.

Albert G.Orlando, FL
Eric V.

My wife and I recently relocated to St Cloud from Ct. After seeing my brother in laws homes shutter installation we were able to appreciate the value and workmanship of US Verticals and Kevin’s devotion to excellence. Because of this we then decided to install them in our entire home to include the sliding door. The results were astonishing. I highly recommend Kevin and US Verticals to anyone who is seeking not only quality but integrity to the customer. We are truly appreciative of their professionalism and devotion to his trade. Thank you Kevin and US Verticals.

Eric V.St. Cloud, FL
Ingrid R

I just love my custom made shutters. The service provided from US Verticals was so professional, I’m so pleased with the workmanship that I highly recommend the company. Very professional employees, knowledgeable and on time.

Ingrid RSolivita, FL
How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost in the Orlando Area?

Due to the fact that there are over a million combinations of options you can choose when you design your custom plantation shutters, it’s impossible to give an exact price without a free design consultation, but we still want to give you a really good idea of what good quality, name brand plantation shutters like we offer should cost you here in the Orlando area.